The ability to communicate well is an essential, and many experts believe the most important, skill for business success.

Business Communication 101, designed and presented by Tim Kraft, provides practical insights into a range of written and face-to-face communication skills.

You will learn how to express yourself more concisely, clearly, and correctly, ensuring that employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers, and others better understand what you’re trying to communicate.

Business Communication 101 is approved for 2 CEC hours through IICRC and RIA.


Business etiquette is much more than just being polite. As course developer Timothy E. Hull, CR explains, it includes a wide range of professional behaviors.

Practicing appropriate etiquette in business situations will encourage more positive, productive, and profitable interactions, while setting you apart as a true business professional.

Business Etiquette includes practical advice on how to properly interact with customers, co-workers, and others in person, on the phone, and digitally.

Business Etiquette is approved for 1 CEC hour through IICRC and RIA.


Delivering Outstanding Customer Service, developed by Steve Toburen, reveals that the quality of the services you provide is, in many cases, not as important as how you treat your customers.

Many services have become commodities, so what more often separates suppliers today is their level of customer service.

The course includes practical, checklist-backed skills needed to deliver outstanding customer service, while including guidance on the most-effective way to deal with angry, rude, and unrealistic customers.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service is approved for 1 CEC hour through IICRC and RIA.


Personal Management, developed by Patty Beard, will help you maximize the three dimensions of your personal resources: money, time, and energy.

Each module provides descriptions of common positive and negative habits, followed by guidance on how you can capitalize on these limited, personal resources.

The course includes a number of worksheets to help you assess your current behaviors and then make improvements that can make the most of the money, time, and energy in your life.

Personal Management is approved for 1 CEC hour through IICRC and RIA.


In Working Effectively With Others, course developer Scott Tackett delivers useful guidance on how to improve your interactions with business associates.

Whether engaging with co-workers, customers, suppliers, or others you will able to apply the skills described in the course to develop stronger, more-productive working relationships.

The content and checklists in the course address critical skills that include how to best provide feedback, deal with angry and difficult people, and resolve conflicts.

Working Effectively With Others is approved for 1 CEC hour through IICRC and RIA.